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Enabling PLAS (Equinix)


This section describes how to enable a PLAS cloud exchange connection.


  1. Login Equinix subscription console to choose T-Systems International GmbH PG 8108 (OTC) service provider, then select Frankfurt of EMEA location to order 2 seller ports for OTC (if you don't have 2 buyer ports for your local data center, please subscriber also), then create connection to choose destination port and configure VLAN ID, S-Tag, C-Tag (S-Tag and C-Tag will be used to fill PLAS template later). And Equinix has multiple bandwidth billing tier with 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps, therefore PLAS template will follow this policy in consistence.

    After this step, you have connection from your local data center through customer buyer port into Equinix then arrive your subscribed OTC seller port, then you can have chance to meet OTC.

  2. Contact us by sending us an email or calling us. Network Service Provider will help you set up Cloud Exchange service between Open Telekom Cloud and Equinix seller port, which to enable to reach your data center, office, or collocation environment by using the required bandwidth, such as 200 Mbit/s or 1 Gbit/s. After the connection is created, Network Service Provider notifies you of related parameters, for example, Line ID (the identification number of the Ethernet connection) and S-tag (tags used to isolate different users on the carrier network).
  3. Collect information and submit the application.
    1. Collect information of parameters for enabling Direct Connect.
      Table 1 Parameters required for enabling Direct Connect



      Example Value

      Domain Name

      For details about how to obtain the domain name, see section 2.1.4 Obtaining the Domain Name.



      For details about how to obtain the region, see section 2.1.5 Obtaining Region.


      Redundancy connection

      A redundant connection is required to access Open Telekom Cloud through PLAS. AZ Biere and AZ Magdeburg provide two access points, respectively. The value must be Yes.


      VPC ID

      For details about how to obtain its value, see section 2.1.6 Obtaining the VPC ID.


      Port Type

      Specifies the port type. The value can be 1GE or 10GE.


      Local Subnet

      Specifies the subnet segment of the local VPC connected to Direct Connect.

      A maximum of 25 local subnets can be configured.

      The local subnet and remote subnet cannot be in the same network segment.,

      Remote Subnet

      Specifies the tenant subnet. The values must be private IP addresses with subnet masks. Multiple subnets are separated with commas (,).

      A maximum of 50 remote subnets can be configured.

      The local subnet and remote subnet cannot be in the same network segment.,


      Specifies the bandwidth. The maximum value is 1 Gbit/s.



      Specifies the connection name. The value is a character string of no more than 64 characters that can contain letters, numbers, underscores (_), and hyphens (-).


    2. Collect information of parameters for enabling PLAS based on PLAS Order Form Template.
    3. After collecting information listed in substep 3.a and substep 3.b, you can submit the application for enabling PLAS using either of the following methods:
      • Emails: Send us an email. Fill in enabling PLAS parameters in the email. The subject of the email is "Apply for enabling PLAS."
      • Hotline: Call us and provide the collected information to the customer service.
      • Contact the sales personnel. Send the collected information to sales personnel.
  4. Wait for the email, customer service, or sales personnel to notify the provisioning result and provide the configuration information about the BGP connection to Open Telekom Cloud.
  5. After PLAS is enabled, check whether the hosts at both ends of the connection can communicate with each other. You are advised to test whether your local PC and ECSs in Open Telekom Cloud can be pinged.

    Accounting starts after PLAS is enabled.