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What About SLA?

It is a different logic depending on the part of the communication. The reliability of Open Telecom Cloud is up to 99.95%. You can improve that with Geo-redundancy if you create your virtual instances in two different data centers running Open Telecom Cloud.

As a component for the access to private networks, PLAS does not have its own Service Level Agreement (SLA). However, considering the zero-outage rule and process of Network Service Provider, PLAS is a full redundant infrastructure.

The Ethernet Connect SLA can be found in the performance description of the following website, which is part of the contract:


To achieve zero outage, it is mandatory to order redundant connections to Biere and Magdeburg even if you are using only one data center for your service. Both connections are working active-active. An earlier redundancy version will follow soon. There is no end-to-end SLA. You are using two products with two contracts, and own SLA parameters.