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What Is PLAS?

Private link access service (PLAS) enables public cloud platform users to establish exclusive connections from their on-premise networks to VPCs on the public cloud platform.

PLAS connections are established between carrier networks and Direct Connect gateways, reducing network latency. These connections outperform Internet connections in stability and security.

PLAS supports manual provisioning and self-service provisioning.

  • Manual provisioning

    Manual provisioning helps to connect a Layer 2 private network (Ethernet Connect Redundant for Germany nationally L2 connection, Ethernet Connect Light same for Germany nationally L2 connection, Secure Cloud Connect for International L2 connection, Cloud Exchange(Equinix) for 3rd Party L2 Network connection) to a VPC on the open telekom cloud (OTC). Also it includes Ethernet Connect P2P Redundant and Ethernet Connect P2P Light by project.

    When the network link is ready, Fill in the templates for PLAS and Direct Connect and send the edited template to service desk to create PLAS and Direct Connect.

  • Self-service provisioning

    Self-service provisioning helps to connect a Layer 3 private network (IP VPN) to a VPC on the OTC.

    After a PLAS connector is created, a VPN link is automatically generated between the edge gateway and cloud gateway on the IP VPN. This link supports high-speed, exclusive, and reliable transmission of services and data.

    PLAS connectors can only connect IP VPN (Intraselect MPLS) private lines to the OTC now.

    Figure 1 PLAS connector introduction
    • PCNE: PLAS connector network edge
    • PCCE: PLAS connector cloud edge