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What Are the Technical Advantages of OBS?

OBS has the following advantages:

Brilliant data durability and service continuity: OBS supports concurrent access for hundreds of millions of users.

Multi-level protection and authorization management: The multiple data protection mechanisms, including versioning, server-side encryption, uniform resource locator (URL) validation, virtual private cloud (VPC)-based network isolation, access log audit, and fine-grained permission control, ensure data security persistently.

Intelligent scheduling for smooth data access: With intelligent scheduling and response, OBS optimizes data access experiences. Transfer acceleration, event notification, and Big Data–oriented optimization further improve user experiences on the basis of massive concurrency, large bandwidth, and minimized latencies.

Easy to use and manage: OBS supports REST APIs, multi-language SDKs, and data migration tools (such as OBS Browser), allowing rapid service rollout in the cloud. You do not need to plan storage capacity in advance. Storage resources are scalable automatically, relieving you of worries about resource expansion or reduction.