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Downloading a File

This section describes how to download a file or folder from OBS to a local computer.


  1. Log in to OBS Browser.
  2. Click the bucket from which you want to download a file or folder. Select a file or folder. Then right click and select Download.

    You can hold down Ctrl or Shift to select files or folders. Then right click and select Download and batch download them. You can also select all the files or folders on the current page by pressing Ctrl+A. The operations are consistent with those on the Windows operating system.


    Before downloading Cold files, ensure that they are in the Restored state. For details, see section Restoring a Cold File on OBS.

  3. In the dialog box that is displayed, select a path to save the file or folder and click Upload.

    If name-sake files exist in the target path, a message will be displayed indicating "Files with the same name exist in the target path. Select the saving method." You can choose to "Keep All" or "Overwrite".

    The file or folder download progress is displayed on the task management page. You can suspend, delete, or cancel a download task based on site requirements. For details, see section Managing Download Tasks.