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Uploading a File

You can upload local files or folders to OBS.


  1. Log in to OBS Browser.
  2. Click the bucket to which you want to upload files or folders.
  3. Click Upload. Then select Upload File.

    You can upload a maximum of 500 files at a time. If you need to upload more files, place the files in a folder and use the Upload Folder function to upload the folder. For details, see Related Operations.

  4. Click Select File. In the dialog box that is displayed, select the files that you want to upload. Then click Open.

    You can upload a folder or multiple files at a time. To upload multiple files, hold down Ctrl or Shift to select multiple files. You can also select all the files on the current page by holding down Ctrl+A. The operations are consistent with those on the Windows operating system.

  5. Select a storage class. If no storage class is selected, the bucket storage class will be used by default.
  6. Click OK.