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Storing Video Data


A user is a film lover and has a large number of videos to be stored. However, this user's disk cannot be expanded in real time. For this reason, the user hopes to use OBS to store videos.

The user needs personal data to be isolated and protected from that of other users and resumable data transfer to be available during the upload of large files.


  1. Start OBS Browser.
  2. In the Add Account dialog box, enter required information to create an account upon the initial start of OBS Browser.
  3. Click Add Bucket to create a bucket for storing data.
  4. Click the created bucket.
  5. Click Create Folder to create a folder.
  6. Click Upload to upload a file or folder.
  7. Click Manage Tasks.
  8. Click SuspendRun or Cancel to manage the file being uploaded.

Follow-up Procedure

To obtain files stored on OBS, you can start OBS Browser and download the files to a local computer.