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Basic Knowledge of OBS

Object Storage Service (OBS) is an object-based storage service that provides customers with massive, secure, reliable, and cost-effective data storage capabilities. Services include but are not limited to bucket creation, modification, and management, as well as object upload, download, and management.

OBS provides super large storage capacity that can store all file types and is suitable for websites, enterprises, developers, and common subscribers. OBS allows you to easily access any hot or cold stored data develop a wide range of upper-layer applications. As an Internet-based service, OBS provides web service interfaces over HTTP and HTTPS. With OBS Console or OBS Browser, you can access and manage data stored on OBS from any Internet-connected computer anytime, anywhere. In addition, OBS supports SDK and Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs) that are compatible with Amazon S3 APIs.

Cloud services allow infrastructures to be deployed in multiple regions and deliver flexible expansion and enhanced reliability. Users can deploy OBS in specific areas to obtain fast access speeds at an affordable price.

You can access OBS using either of the following tools: OBS Console, REST API, and OBS Browser.