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Creating a Bucket of a Storage Class

When creating a bucket, you can set a storage class for the bucket.


  1. In the upper right corner of the OBS Console, click Create BucketFigure 1 displays Create Bucket dialog box.

    Figure 1 Creating a bucket

  2. Set Region and Storage Class, and then enter a name for the bucket. Select a specific storage class.


    Once you create a bucket, you cannot change the name of it. Make sure that the bucket name you set is appropriate.

    Table 1 Creating a bucket




    Indicates the region where the bucket to be created resides.

    Storage Class

    OBS storage classes (Standard, Warm, and Cold) are designed to meet customers' varying requirements on storage performance and costs.

    • Standard: features low access latency and high throughput.
    • Warm: applicable to storing semi-frequently accessed (less than 12 times a year) data requiring quick response.
    • Cold: applicable to archiving rarely-accessed (once a year) data.

    For details about the storage classes, see Bucket Storage Classes Overview.

    Bucket Name

    Enter the bucket name, which must be globally unique.

    Name the bucket according to the globally applied DNS naming rule as follows:

    • Must contain 3 to 63 characters, starts with a digit or letter, and supports only lowercase letters, digits, hyphens (-), and periods (.)
    • Cannot be an IP address
    • Cannot start or end with a hyphen (-) or period (.)
    • Cannot contain two consecutive periods (.), for example, my..bucket.
    • Cannot contain periods (.) and hyphens (-) adjacent to each other, for example, my-.bucket or my.-bucket.

  3. Click Create Now.