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Bucket Storage Classes Overview

Different storage classes meet different needs for storage performance and costs.
  • OBS Standard features low access latency and high throughput. It is applicable to storing frequently accessed (multiple times per month) hot or small files (< 1 MB) that require quick response. The application scenarios include big data, mobile applications, hot videos, and social media images.
  • OBS Warm is applicable to storing less frequently accessed data (less than 12 times per year on average) with fast access response. The application scenarios include file synchronization or sharing, and enterprise-level backup. It provides the same durability, access latency, and throughput as OBS Standard but at a lower price. However, OBS Warm has lower availability than OBS Standard.
  • OBS Cold is applicable to archiving rarely-accessed (averagely once a year) data. The application scenarios include data archiving and long-term data retention for backup. OBS Cold is secure, durable, and inexpensive, which can replace tape libraries. However, it can take up to hours to restore data from OBS Cold.