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Adding External Buckets

OBS Browser supports the external bucket adding function.


The current account has been assigned the ACL permissions to access the buckets of other users.

For example, account A needs to add bucket bucket_share of account B to itself so that account A can read objects stored in bucket bucket_share. Account B needs to obtain Account ID of account A and set the Read permission on bucket bucket_share for account A using OBS Console.

Account A can click  after the target bucket to view the Account ID (same as the owner ID) in the Basic dialog box that is displayed.

If account B has set the Read permission on bucket bucket_share for Registered User, all registered users can add bucket bucket_share. For details about how to set permissions for Registered User, see section Configuring Bucket ACL.


Currently, you can only use OBS Console to set ACL permissions of a specific user. However, you can use both OBS Console and OBS Browser to set ACL permissions of Registered User.


  1. Log in to OBS Browser.
  2. In the upper left corner on the page, click Add Bucket.
  3. Select Add external bucket for Method. In the Bucket Name text box, enter the name of the external bucket to be added and click OKFigure 1 displays the Add Bucket page.

    Figure 1 Adding an external bucket

    After successfully adding an external bucket, you can see the external bucket in the bucket list and have the ACL access permissions for the bucket.

  4. In the dialog box that is displayed, click OK.


If you are assigned the Write and Read permissions for bucket test, you can leverage external bucket adding to add bucket test to a local computer using your account. You can see bucket test in the bucket list on the left and have the write permission for the bucket. That is, you can upload objects to, overwrite objects in, and delete objects from the bucket.