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Fragment Management


Data is uploaded to OBS in multipart mode. In the following common and other scenarios, an upload fails and fragments are generated. You need to clear these fragments to free up storage space.

  • The network is in poor condition, and the connection to the OBS server is interrupted frequently.
  • The upload task is manually suspended.
  • The device is faulty.
  • The device is powered off suddenly.

For OBS Console, Fragments generated during the last upload failure are stored in OBS. You need to manually clear the fragments. If a file upload task fails, upload the file again.


The fragment storage in OBS is charged.


  1. In the bucket list on the OBS Console, click the target bucket to go to the Summary page.
  2. In the navigation tree on the left, click Objects.
  3. Click Fragments, select the fragment that you want to delete, and then click Delete on the right of the fragment.
  4. You can also select multiple fragments and click Delete on the top of objects list to batch delete them.
  5. Click OK.