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Logging In to OBS Browser

This section describes how to log in to OBS Browser.


  1. Double-click obs.exe to start OBS Browser.

    If you are starting OBS Browser for the first time, the Add Account dialog box is automatically displayed. Go directly to 4.

  2. In the upper right corner of OBS Browser, click the account name, and select Manage Account.
  3. In the Manage Account dialog box that is displayed, click Add Account.
  4. In the Add Account dialog box, enter the account information and click OK. Information about the new account is displayed in the Manage Account dialog box.

    For details about adding an account, see Managing Accounts.

  5. Click OK.
  6. In the upper right corner of OBS Browser, click the account name to log in the OBS Browser.

Follow-up Procedure

For details about the system configuration of OBS Browser, see Configuring the System.

If you want to use OBS Browser to manage objects across accounts, click Manage Account to add account information. Then you can switch to the target account by clicking the name of that account. For details about account management, see Managing Accounts.

For details about the OBS Browser version update, see Updating OBS Browser.