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ALM-43001 Spark Service Unavailable


The system checks the Spark service status every 60 seconds. This alarm is generated when the Spark service is unavailable and is cleared when the Spark service recovers.


Alarm ID

Alarm Severity

Automatically Cleared








Specifies the service for which the alarm is generated.


Specifies the role for which the alarm is generated.


Specifies the host for which the alarm is generated.

Impact on the System

The tasks submitted by users fail to be executed.

Possible Causes

  • The KrbServer service is abnormal.
  • The LdapServer service is abnormal.
  • The ZooKeeper service is abnormal.
  • The HDFS service is abnormal.
  • The Yarn service is abnormal.
  • The corresponding Hive service is abnormal.


  1. Check whether service unavailability alarms exist in services on which Spark depends.

    1. On MRS Manager, click Alarm.
    2. Check whether the following alarms exist in the alarm list:
      • ALM-25500 KrbServer Service Unavailable
      • ALM-25000 LdapServer Service Unavailable
      • ALM-13000 ZooKeeper Service Unavailable
      • ALM-14000 HDFS Service Unavailable
      • ALM-18000 Yarn Service Unavailable
      • ALM-16004 Hive Service Unavailable

        If yes, go to 1.c

        If no, go to Step 2.

    3. Handle the service unavailability alarms based on the troubleshooting methods provided in the alarm help.

      After all the service unavailability alarms are cleared, wait a few minutes and check whether this alarm is cleared.

      • If yes, no further action is required.
      • If no, go to Step 2.

  2. Collect fault information.

    1. On MRS Manager, choose System > Export Log.
    2. Select the following nodes from the Service drop-down list and click OK (Hive is the specific Hive service determined based on ServiceName in the alarm location information).
      • KrbServer
      • LdapServer
      • ZooKeeper
      • HDFS
      • Yarn
      • Hive
    3. Set Start Time for log collection to 10 minutes ahead of the alarm generation time and End Time to 10 minutes behind the alarm generation time, and click Download.
    4. Contact technical support engineers for help, detail see technical support.

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