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The process for migrating user data with Loader is as follows:

  1. Access the Loader page of the Hue WebUI.
  2. Manage Loader links.
  3. Create a job and select a data source link and a link for saving data.
  4. Run the job to complete data migration.

Loader Page

The Loader page is a graphical data migration management tool based on the open source Sqoop WebUI and is hosted on the Hue WebUI. Perform the following operations to access the Loader page:

  1. Access the Hue WebUI. For details, see Accessing the UI of the Open Source Component.
  2. Choose Data Browsers > Sqoop.

    The job management tab page is displayed by default on the Loader page.

Loader Link

Loader links save data location information. Loader uses links to access data or save data to the specified location. Perform the following operations to access the Loader link management page:

  1. Access the Loader page.
  2. Click Manage links.

    The Loader link management page is displayed.

    You can click Manage jobs to return to the job management page.

  3. Click New link to go to the configuration page and set parameters to create a Loader link.

Loader Job

Loader jobs are used to manage data migration tasks. Each job consists of a source data link and a destination data link. A job reads data from the source link and saves data to the destination link to complete a data migration task.