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Managing Storm Topologies


Users can manage Storm topologies on the Storm WebUI. Users in the storm group can manage only the topology tasks submitted by themselves, while users in the stormadmin group can manage all topology tasks.


  1. Access the Storm WebUI.
  2. In the Topology summary area, click the desired topology.
  3. Use options in Topology actions to manage the Storm topology.

    • Activate the topology.

      Click Activate to activate the topology.

    • Deactivate the topology.

      Click Deactivate to deactivate the topology.

    • Re-deploy the topology.

      Click Rebalance and specify the wait time (in seconds) of re-deployment. Generally, if the number of nodes in a cluster changes, the topology can be re-deployed to maximize resource usage.

    • Delete the topology.

      Click Kill and specify the wait time (in seconds) of the deletion.

    • Start or stop sampling messages.

      Click Debug. In the dialog box that is displayed, specify the percentage of the sampled data volume. For example, if the value is set to 10, 10% of data is sampled.

      To stop sampling, click Stop Debug.


      This function is available only when the sampling function is enabled during topology submission. For details about querying data processing information, see Querying Data Processing Logs of the Topology.

    • Modify the topology log level.

      Click Change Log Level to specify the new log level.

  4. Display the topology.

    In the Topology Visualization area, click Show Visualization to visualize the topology.