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Accessing the Storm WebUI


The Storm WebUI provides a graphical interface for using Storm. Only streaming clusters with Kerberos authentication enabled support this function.


  • The password of user admin has been obtained. The admin password is specified by the user when the MRS cluster is created.
  • If a user other than admin is used to access the Storm WebUI, the user must be added to the storm or stormadmin user group.


  1. Access MRS Manager.
  2. Choose Service > Storm. In Storm WebUI of Storm Summary, click any UI link to access the Storm WebUI.


    When accessing the Storm WebUI for the first time, you must add the address to the trusted site list.

    The following information can be queried on the Storm WebUI:

    • Storm cluster summary
    • Nimbus summary
    • Topology summary
    • Supervisor summary
    • Nimbus configurations

Relevant Tasks

Query topology details.

  1. Access the Storm WebUI.
  2. In Topology Summary, click the desired topology to view its detailed information, status, Spouts information, Bolts information, and configurations.