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Configuring a Website Accessed by Browsers


Websites hosted in the MRS cluster can be accessed only using browsers. Google Chrome must be used, because the SSH channel enables the SOCKS proxy. The proxy must be enabled when any website is accessed.


You have performed operations in Creating an SSH Channel to Connect an MRS Cluster and Configuring the Browser and obtained the floating IP addresses of the local proxy port and MRS Manager.


  1. Configure a browser proxy.

    • Google Chrome
      1. Create the rule.pac text file on the local PC. Copy the following content and save it to the file.
        function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
            return "SOCKS5 localhost:1080";
      2. In the browser, choose Settings > Show advanced settings > Network > Change proxy settings > Connections > LAN setting.
      3. Select Use automatic configuration script and enter the path of the rule.pac file.

        The path format is file://c:/Users/rule.pac. Use the default format. Do not configure other parameters.

      4. Save the configurations and close the Settings page.

  2. In the address bar of the browser, enter the address for accessing MRS Manager.

    Address format: https://Floating IP address of MRS Manager:28443/web

    The username and password of the MRS cluster need to be entered for accessing clusters with Kerberos authentication enabled, for example, user admin. They are not required for accessing clusters with Kerberos authentication disabled.

    When accessing the MRS Manager for the first time, you must add the address to the trusted site list.

  3. Prepare the website access address.

    1. Obtain the website address format and the role instance according to Overview.
    2. Click Services.
    3. Click the specified service name, for example, HDFS.
    4. Click Instance and view Service IP of NameNode(Active).

  4. In the address bar of the browser, enter the website address to access it.
  5. When logging out of the website, terminate and close the SSH channel.