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Modifying a Backup Task


Modify the parameters of a created backup task on MRS Manager to meet changing service requirements. The parameters of recovery tasks can be viewed but not modified.

Impact on the System

After a backup task is modified, the new parameters take effect when the task is executed next time.


  • A backup task has been created.
  • A new backup task policy has been planned based on the actual situation.


  1. On MRS Manager, choose System > Back Up Data.
  2. In the task list, locate a specified task, and click Configure in the Operation column to go to the configuration modification page.
  3. On the page that is displayed, modify the following parameters:

    • Start Time
    • Period
    • Target Path
    • Max. Number of Backup Copies

    After the Target Path parameter of a backup task is modified, this task will be performed as a full backup task for the first time by default.

  4. Click OK to save the settings.