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Creating a Resource Pool


On the MRS cluster, users can logically divide Yarn cluster nodes to combine multiple NodeManagers into a Yarn resource pool. Each NodeManager belongs to one resource pool only. The system contains a Default resource pool by default. All NodeManagers that are not added to customized resource pools belong to this default resource pool.

You can create a customized resource pool on MRS Manager and add hosts that have not been added to other customized resource pools to it.


  1. On MRS Manager, click Tenant.
  2. Click the Resource Pool tab.
  3. Click Create Resource Pool.
  4. In Create Resource Pool, set the attributes of the resource pool.

    • Name:

      Enter a name for the resource pool. The name cannot be Default.

      The name contains 1 to 20 characters and can consist of digits, letters, and underscores (_). However, it must not start with underscores.

    • Available Hosts:

      In the host list on the left, select the name of a specified host and click to add the selected host to the resource pool. Only hosts in the cluster can be selected. The host list of a resource pool can be left blank.

  5. Click OK to save the settings.
  6. After the resource pool is created, users can view the NameMembersAssociation ModevCore, and Memory in the resource pool list. Hosts that have been added to the customized resource pool are no longer members of the Default resource pool.