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Deleting a Tenant


On MRS Manager, you can delete a tenant that is not required.


  • A tenant has been added.
  • You have checked whether the tenant to be deleted has sub-tenants. If the tenant has sub-tenants, delete them; otherwise, you cannot delete the tenant.
  • The role of the tenant to be deleted cannot be associated with any user or user group. For details about how to cancel the binding between roles and users, see Modifying User Information.


  1. On MRS Manager, click Tenant.
  2. In the tenant list on the left, move the cursor to the tenant node where the tenant is to be deleted. Click Delete.

    The Delete Tenant dialog box is displayed. To save tenant data, select Reserve the data of this tenant. Otherwise, the tenant storage space will be deleted.

  3. Click OK.

    It takes a few minutes to save the configuration. The tenant is deleted successfully. The tenant's role and storage space are deleted.

    • After the tenant is deleted, the tenant's task queue persists in Yarn.
    • If you choose not to reserve data when deleting the parent tenant, data of sub-tenants is also deleted if the sub-tenants use storage resources.