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Viewing and Exporting a Check Report


You can view the health check result on MRS Manager and export it for further analysis.


A system health check includes MRS Manager, service-level, and host-level health checks:

  • MRS Manager health checks focus on whether the unified management platform can provide management functions.
  • Service-level health checks focus on whether components can provide services properly.
  • Host-level health checks focus on whether host indicators are normal.

The system health check has three types of check items: Health Status, related alarms, and customized monitoring indicators for each check object. The health check results are not always the same as the Health Status on the portal.


You have performed a health check.


  1. On MRS Manager, click Service.
  2. Choose More > View Cluster Health Check Report to view the health check report of the cluster.
  3. Click Export Report on the health check report pane to export the report and view detailed information about check items.