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Managing Services


On MRS Manager, users can perform the following operations:

  • Start a service that is in the StoppedStopped_Failed, or Start_Failed state.
  • Stop unused or abnormal services.
  • Restart abnormal services or configure expired services to restore or enable the services.


  1. On MRS Manager, click Service.
  2. Locate the row that contains the target service, click StartStop, or Restart to start, stop, or restart the service.

    Services are interrelated. If a service is started, stopped, or restarted, services dependent on it will be affected.

    The services will be affected in the following ways:

    • If a service is to be started, the lower-layer services dependent on it must be started first.
    • If a service is stopped, the upper-layer services dependent on it are unavailable.
    • If a service is restarted, the running upper-layer services dependent on it must be restarted.