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ALM-18006 MapReduce Job Execution Timeout


The alarm module checks MapReduce job execution every 30 seconds. This alarm is generated when the execution of a submitted MapReduce job times out. It must be manually cleared.


Alarm ID

Alarm Severity

Automatically Cleared








Specifies the service for which the alarm is generated.


Specifies the role for which the alarm is generated.


Specifies the host for which the alarm is generated.

Trigger condition

Generates an alarm when the actual indicator value exceeds the specified threshold.

Impact on the System

Because the execution times out, no execution result can be obtained.

Possible Causes

The specified time period is shorter than the execution time. (Executing a MapReduce job takes a long time.)


  1. Check whether time is improperly set.

    Set -Dapplication.timeout.interval to a larger value, or do not set the parameter. Execute the MapReduce job again and check whether it is executed successfully.
    • If yes, go to 2.d.
    • If no, go to 2.a.

  2. Check the Yarn service status.

    1. In the alarm list on MRS Manager, check whether alarm ALM-18000 Yarn Service Unavailable is generated.
    2. Rectify the fault by following the steps provided in ALM-18000 Yarn Service Unavailable.
    3. Run the MapReduce job command again to check whether the MapReduce job can be executed.
    4. In the alarm list, choose Operation >  to manually clear the alarm. No further action is required.

  3. Adjust the timeout threshold.

    On MRS Manager, choose System > Configure Alarm Threshold > Service > Yarn > Timed Out Tasks, and increase the maximum number of timeout tasks allowed by the current threshold rule. Check whether the alarm is cleared.
    • If yes, no further action is required.
    • If no, go to Step 4.

  4. Collect fault information.

    1. On MRS Manager, choose System > Export Log.
    2. Contact technical support engineers for help, detail see technical support.

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