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Configuring a Monitoring History Report


On MRS Manager, the nodes where roles are deployed in a cluster can be classified into management nodes, control nodes, and data nodes. Change trends of key host monitoring indicators on each type of nodes can be calculated and displayed as curve charts in reports based on user-defined periods. If a host belongs to multiple types of nodes, the indicator statistics will be collected several times.

You can view, customize, and export node monitoring indicator reports on MRS Manager.


  1. View a monitoring indicator report.

    1. On MRS Manager, click Dashboard.
    2. Click Historical Report to view the report.

      By default, the report displays the monitoring indicator statistics of the previous day.


      Selecting Full screen maximizes the Historical Report window.

  2. Customize a monitoring indicator report.

    1. Click Customize and select the monitoring indicators to be displayed on MRS Manager.
      The following indicators are supported and the page displays a maximum of six customized indicators:
      • Cluster Network Read Speed Statistics
      • Cluster Disk Write Speed Statistics
      • Cluster Disk Usage Statistics
      • Cluster Disk Information
      • Cluster Disk Read Speed Statistics
      • Cluster Memory Usage Statistics
      • Cluster Network Write Speed Statistics
      • Cluster CPU Usage Statistics
    2. Click OK to save the settings and view the selected indicators.

      Click Clear to deselect all the indicators.

  3. Export a monitoring indicator report.

    1. Select a period.

      The options are Last dayLast weekLast monthLast quarter, and Last half year.

      You can define the start time and end time in Time Range.

    2. Click Export to generate a report file for the selected cluster monitoring indicators in the specified period, and select a storage location to save the file.

      To view the curve charts of the monitoring indicators in a specified period, click View