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Viewing the System Overview


You can view basic statistics about services and clusters on the MRS Manager portal.


  1. On the MRS Manager portal, choose Dashboard > Real-Time Monitoring.

    • The Health Status and Roles of each service are displayed in Service Summary.
    • The following statistics about host indicators are displayed:
      • Cluster Host Health Status
      • Host Network Read Speed Distribution
      • Host Network Write Speed Distribution
      • Cluster Disk Information
      • Host Disk Usage Distribution
      • Cluster Memory Usage
      • Host Memory Usage Distribution
      • Host CPU Usage Distribution
      • Average Cluster CPU Usage

      Click Customize to display customized statistics.

  2. Set an interval for automatic page refreshing or click to refresh immediately.

    The following parameters are supported:

    • Refresh every 30 seconds: refreshes the page once every 30 seconds.
    • Refresh every 60 seconds: refreshes the page once every 60 seconds.
    • Stop refreshing: stops page refreshing.

      Selecting Full screen maximizes the Real-Time Monitoring window.