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Updating the Client


An MRS cluster provides a client for users to connect to servers, query task results, and manage data. Before using the MRS client or modifying service configuration parameters and restarting the services on MRS Manager, users must prepare the client configuration file and update the client.

During cluster creation, the original client is installed and saved in the /opt/client directory on all nodes in the cluster by default. After the cluster is created, only the client on Master nodes can be used directly, and the client on Core nodes must be updated before being used.


  1. Log in to MRS Manager.
  2. Click Service, and click Download Client.

    Set Client Type to Only configuration files, set Download Path to Server, and click OK to generate the client configuration file. The generated file is saved in the /tmp/MRS-client directory on the active management node by default. You can modify the file save path as required.

  3. On the MRS management console, click Active Clusters.
  4. In the cluster list, click the specified cluster name and view the Active Master Node IP Address.

    Active Master Node IP Address is the IP address of the active Master node in a cluster, which is also the IP address of the active management node of MRS Manager.

  5. Locate the active management node based on the IP address and log in to the active management node as user linux using VNC. For details, see Logging In to an ECS Using VNC.

    The Master node supports Cloud-init. The preset username for Cloud-init is linux. The password is randomly generated and is displayed on the VNC login page by default. If you have changed the password, log in to the node using the new password.

  6. Run the following command to switch the user:

    sudo su - omm

  7. Run the following command to go to the client directory:

    cd /opt/client

  8. Run the following command to update the client configuration:

    sh refreshConfig.sh Client installation directory Full path of the client configuration file package

    For example:

    sh refreshConfig.sh /opt/client /tmp/MRS-client/MRS_Services_Client.tar

    If the following information is displayed, the configuration is updated successfully.

    ReFresh components client config is complete.
    Succeed to refresh components client config.