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Configuring Message Notification

You can connect MRS to SMN to provide basic SMS notification and email notification functions in specific scenarios.


On the MRS management console, you can enable or disable the notification service on the Alarms tab page of the cluster information page. The functions in the following scenarios can be implemented only after the required cluster function is enabled:

  • After a user subscribes to the notification service, the MRS management plane notifies the user of success or failure of cluster expansion, shrinking, termination, and auto scaling by email or SMS message.
  • The management plane checks alarms about the MRS cluster and sends a notification to the user's tenants if the alarm is critical and affects service use.
  • If either of the operations such as deletion, shutdown, specifications modification, restart, and OS update is performed on an ECS in a cluster, the MRS cluster malfunctions. The management plane notifies a user when detecting that the VM of the user is in either of the preceding states.


  1. Log in to the MRS management console.
  2. Click in the upper-left corner on the management console and select Region and Project.
  3. Choose Clusters > Active Clusters, select a running cluster, and click its name to switch to the cluster information page.
  4. Click Alarms tab page.
  5. Click Configure Message Notification. The Configure Message Notification page is displayed.
  6. Enable Message Notification and select a topic. If there is no topic, click Create Topic to access the topic page of the SMN service and create a topic.
  7. Click OK.