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Deleting a Failed Task

This section describes how to delete a failed MRS task.


If cluster creation, termination, capacity expansion or capacity reduction fails, the failed task is displayed on the Manage Failed Task page. A failed cluster termination task is also displayed on the Cluster History page. If you do not need the failed task, you can delete it on the Manage Failed Task page.


  1. Log in to the MRS management console.
  2. Click in the upper-left corner on the management console and select Region and Project.
  3. In the navigation tree of the MRS management console, choose Clusters > Active Clusters.
  4. Click  close to Failed Task.

    The Manage Failed Task page is displayed.

  5. In the Operation column of the task that you want to delete, click Delete.

    This operation deletes only a single failed task.

  6. You can click Delete All on the upper left of the task list to delete all tasks.