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Hue is a web application developed based on the open source Django Python Web framework. It provides graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for users to configure, use, and view MRS clusters. Hue supports HDFS, Hive, MapReduce, and ZooKeeper in MRS clusters, including the following application scenarios:
  • HDFS: You can create, view, modify, upload, and download files as well as create directories and modify directory permissions.
  • Hive: You can edit and execute HiveQL and add, delete, modify, and query databases, tables, and views through MetaStore.
  • MapReduce: You can check MapReduce tasks that are being executed or have been finished in the clusters, including their status, start and end time, and run logs.
  • ZooKeeper: You can check ZooKeeper status in the clusters.
  • Sqoop: You can create, configure, run, and check Sqoop jobs.

For details about Hue, visit http://gethue.com/.