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Application Scenarios

MRS can be applied in various industries in the processing, analysis, and storage of massive data.

  • Analysis and processing of mass data

    Usage: analysis and processing of massive sets of data, online and offline analysis, and business intelligence

    Characteristics: processing of massive data sets, heavy computing workloads, long-term analysis, and data analysis and processing on a large number of computers

    Application scenarios: log analysis, online and offline analysis, simulation calculations in scientific research, biometric analysis, and spatial-temporal data analysis

  • Storage of mass data

    Usage: storage and retrieval of massive sets of data and data warehouse

    Characteristics: storage, retrieval, backup, and disaster recovery of massive sets of data with zero data loss

    Application scenarios: log storage, file storage, simulation data storage in scientific research, biological characteristic information storage, genetic engineering data storage, and spatial-temporal data storage

  • Streaming processing of mass data

    Usage: real-time analysis of mass data, continuous computing, offline and online message consumption

    Characteristics: massive amount of data, high throughput, high reliability, flexible scalability, and distributed real-time computing framework

    Application scenarios: streaming data collection, active tracking on websites, data monitoring, distributed ETL, and risk control