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How Do I Ensure Data and Service Running Security?

MRS is a platform for massive data management and analysis and features high security. It ensures user data and service running security from the following aspects:

  • Network isolation

    The public cloud divides the entire network into two planes: the service plane and management plane. The two planes are physically isolated to ensure security of the service and management networks.

    • Service plane

      Network plane where cluster components are running. It provides service channels for users and delivers data access, task submitting, and computing functions.

    • Management plane

      Public cloud console. It is used to apply for and manage MRS.

  • Host security

    Users can deploy third-party antivirus software based on their service requirements. For the operating system (OS) and interfaces, MRS provides the following security protection measures:

    • Hardening OS kernel security
    • Installing the latest OS patch
    • Controlling the OS rights
    • Managing OS interfaces
    • Preventing the OS protocols and interfaces from attacks
  • Data security

    MRS stores data on the OBS platform, ensuring data security.

  • Data integrity

    After processing data, MRS encrypts and transmits data to the OBS system through SSL, ensuring data integrity.