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IMS now provides the fast image creation function for you to quickly import large image files in RAW or ZVHD2 format to the cloud platform. The size of image files must be less than 1 TB.

Before importing image files, ensure that the file format is RAW or ZVHD2 and the following have been done:
  • For RAW image files, they have been optimized, and bitmap files have been generated.
  • For ZVHD2 image files, they have been optimized as required.

The following operations guide you through image file format conversion and bitmap file generation.


  • Before creating a system disk image, ensure that the Guest OS driver has been installed on the ECS. For Windows images, see Optimization Process. For Linux images, see Optimization Process.
  • Currently, fast image creation is available only for image files in ZVHD2 or RAW format, and the file size must be less than 1 TB.
  • For each RAW image file, a bitmap file is required and must be uploaded to the OBS bucket together with the image file. For how to generate a bitmap file, see Generating a Bitmap File.

Obtaining the Required Tool

Table 1 Tool for fast image creation

Tool Package

How to Obtain