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Creating a Data Disk Image Using an ECS Data Disk


Data disk images contain only your service data. You can create data disk images from data disks of an ECS for exporting the data.

You can also use a data disk image to create EVS data disks and migrate your service data to the cloud.


Currently, you can create a data disk from a data disk image only during ECS creation.


  • When creating a data disk image using an ECS data disk, ensure that the ECS has a system disk and that the data disk is not empty.
  • One data disk image can be used only for one data disk.


A data disk has been attached to the ECS, and the ECS has been stopped. For how to attach an EVS disk, see the Elastic Volume Service User Guide.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Under Computing, click Image Management Service.
  3. On the Image Management Service page, click Create Image.
  4. In the Image Type and Source area, select Data disk image for Type.
  5. Select ECS for Source and then select a data disk attached to this ECS from its disk list.
    Figure 1 Creating a data disk image
  6. In the Image Information area, enter the image name. Enter the image description and add tags for the image as needed.
  7. Click Create Now.
  8. Confirm the parameters and click Submit.