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Optimization Process

The normal running of ECSs depends on the Guest OS driver. For Xen-based ECSs, the Guest OS driver is a PV driver. For KVM-based ECSs, UVP VMTools is used. To support both Xen and KVM, the image must contain both the PV driver and UVP VMTools.

  1. Create an ECS using the target Windows private image, start the ECS, and log in to it.

    For details, see the Elastic Cloud Server User Guide.

  2. Install the latest PV driver on the ECS.

    For details, see Installing the PV Driver.

  3. Install UVP VMTools on the ECS.

    For details, see Installing UVP VMTools.

  4. In the OS of the ECS, choose Control Panel > Power Options. Click Choose when to turn off the display, select Never for Turn off the display, and save the change.
  5. Clear system logs and stop the ECS.
  6. Create a Windows private image using the ECS.