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Deleting Image Recipients Who Can Use Shared Images


This section describes how to delete of image recipients who can use shared images.


  • You have shared private images.
  • You have obtained the project IDs of image recipients.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Under Computing, click Image Management Service.
  3. On the Image Management Service page, click Private Images to display the image list.
  4. Locate the target image and click the image name to view its details.
  5. In the image details area, view the image recipients with whom the image is shared.
    Figure 1 Image details
  6. Determine the operation to perform based on how many tenants you want to delete:
    • To delete an image recipient: locate the target recipient and click Delete.
    • To delete all image recipients, click Delete All above the image recipient list.
  7. Click Yes.