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Accepting or Refusing Shared Images


After you share the images, user B will receive a prompt. User B can choose to accept or refuse all or part of shared images and can use these images only after accepting them. The section describes how user B accepts or refuses shared images.


You have shared the images.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Under Computing, click Image Management Service.
  3. On the Image Management Service page, click Shared Images to display the image list.

    A red dot is displayed above the image list prompting user B to accept shared images. User B can use images only after you have accepted them.

    • To accept all shared images, click Accept All in the upper right corner.
    • To accept some images, select the images to be accepted and click Accept.
    • To refuse some shared images, select the shared images that you want to reject and click Refuse.