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You can use the image sharing function to share your private images with others.

If you are a multi-project user, the image sharing function allows you to use images conveniently in multiple projects in the same region.


A project is used for grouping and isolating computing, storage, and network resources of IaaS OpenStack. A project can be a department or a project team. Multiple projects can be created for an account.

You can specify the images to be shared, stop image sharing, and add or delete tenants with whom they share images. The recipient can choose to accept or refuse the shared images and remove the images they have accepted.


  • You can only share images within the same region.
  • An image can be shared with a maximum of 128 tenants.
  • You can stop sharing images anytime without notifying the recipient.
  • You can delete shared image anytime without notifying the recipient.
  • Encrypted images cannot be shared.
  • Full-ECS images cannot be shared.


Suppose that you are user A, and you want to share a private image with another user (user B). You can perform the following operation to share the image:

  1. User B provides a project ID to user A.
  2. User A shares an image with user B.
  3. User B accepts the shared image.

    User B can use the shared image to create ECSs.