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Creating an ECS


This section describes how to create an ECS using an uninitialized private image registered from an uninitialized external image file.


An uninitialized private image registered from an external image file is available.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Under Computing, click Image Management Service.
  3. On the Image Management Service page, click Private Images to display the image list.
  4. Locate the row that contains the newly registered private image, and click Apply for Server in the Operation column. Alternatively, click the image name. In the upper right corner of the image details page, click Apply for Server.
  5. Complete ECS creation as prompted.

    For detailed operations, see the Elastic Cloud Server User Guide.

    If the image file has Cloud-Init installed and configured, log in to the ECS using the password as prompted. If Cloud-Init has not been installed, log in to the ECS using the password or certificate contained in the image file.

    To ensure ECS security, each ECS is added to the default security group after it is created. By default, a security group denies all access requests to it. Therefore, you need to add inbound rules to allow inbound access to the ECS from an external location. For detailed configurations, see the security group configuration for private clouds.

  6. Perform the following steps to check whether the private image is available:
    1. Check whether the ECS can start. If yes, Xen and KVM drivers have been installed on the ECS during automatic configuration by the cloud platform. If no, ensure that Xen and KVM drivers have been installed before registering the image.

      It is recommended that you disable your antivirus and intrusion detection software. You can enable the software again after Xen and KVM drivers are installed.

      For operations of installing Xen and KVM drivers, see Optimization Process.

    2. Check whether you can log in to the ECS using your password or key. If yes, Cloud-Init has been installed on the ECS. If no, use the original password or key to log in to the ECS and install Cloud-Init by referring to Installing Cloud-Init.
    3. Check the ECS configuration by referring to Configuring an ECS.

    If the ECS meets the preceding requirements, the private image is available. You can choose to perform the operations in (Optional) Clearing the Environment.