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Switching Roles (by a Delegated Party)

When an account establishes a trust relationship between itself and your account, you become a delegated party. You and all the users you have authorized can switch to the delegating account and manage resources under the delegated permissions.


  • A trust relationship has been established between another account and your account.
  • You have obtained the names of the delegating account and created agency.


  1. Log in to the system as the user created in Step 3.


    The user created in Step 3 can switch roles to manage resources for the delegating party.

  2. Click the logged-in account in the upper right corner of the page and choose Switch Role.
  3. On the Switch Role page, enter the name of the delegating account.


    The system automatically matches the account to an agency. If the matched agency has not been delegated, you have no permissions to access the account. However, you can remove the agency and select an authorized one from the drop-down list box.

  4. Click OK to switch to the delegating account.