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Creating a User Group

You can plan user groups based on users' responsibilities and grant them the corresponding permissions. Users in a user group have all of its permissions. User groups help improve the efficiency of permission management.


  1. In the navigation pane, choose User Groups.
  2. On the User Groups page, click Create User Group.
  3. Enter a user group name.
  4. (Optional) Set Description.


    It is recommended that you set Description for a user group. For example, if you grant the Security Administrator permission to a user group, you can add a description to enable users to directly view their permissions and permission details. You can add a custom description or the following description to the Description text box: Security Administrator: has the rights to create, delete, and modify users as well as grant permissions to users. For details about the permissions, see Permission Description.

  5. Click OK.

    The user group list is displayed, including the newly created user group.

  6. Click Modify in the Operation column of the row that contains the newly created user group.
  7. In the User Group Permissions area, click Modify in the Operation column of the row that contains the target project.


    The permissions granted to the user group only take effect for the current project. If you need to grant the permissions for multiple projects to the user group, you must grant permissions for each project individually by clicking Modify in the row that contains the corresponding project.

  8. Configure policies for the user group.


    You can enter a keyword to quickly find the target policy.

  9. Click OK.