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EVS Snapshot Status

An EVS snapshot has several statuses. Table 1 lists the EVS snapshot statuses, the meaning of each status, and the operations a snapshot in each status allows.
Table 1 Snapshot status details

Snapshot Status


Allowed Operation


The snapshot is being created.

No operations are allowed.


The snapshot is successfully created.

  • Creating EVS disks using snapshots
  • Deleting snapshots
  • Rolling back snapshots to source EVS disks


The snapshot is being deleted.

No operations are allowed.


An error occurs when you try to create a snapshot.


Deletion failed

An error occurs when you try to delete a snapshot.

No operations are allowed.

Rolling back

The snapshot is rolling back data.

  • When you roll back a snapshot to an EVS disk, you can only roll back the snapshot to the source EVS disk. Rollback to a specified disk is not supported.
  • You can roll back an EVS disk from a snapshot only when the disk is in the Available or Rollback failed state.

No operations are allowed.

Backing up

This status is available only to temporary snapshots. When you create a backup for an EVS disk, a temporary snapshot is automatically created. This status indicates that a temporary snapshot is being created during the backup creation.


Temporary snapshots are created through the VBS service. Do not perform any operation on these snapshots.

No operations are allowed.