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EVS Disk Backup

What Is EVS Disk Backup

EVS implements the backup function through the Volume Backup Service (VBS). VBS allows you to create backups for EVS disks on the management console without stopping the server. When data loss or data damage occurred due to virus invasion, misoperations, or software and hardware faults, you can use backups to restore the data, guaranteeing your data correctness and security.

For details about EVS disk backup, see the Volume Backup Service User Guide.

Application Scenarios

The backup function helps address your following needs:
  • Set up the backup policy so that the EVS disk data can be automatically backed up based on the policy. You can use the backups created on a timely basis as the baseline data to create new EVS disks or to restore the backup data to EVS disks.
  • Share the backups with other tenants. You can use the backups shared by other tenants to create new EVS disks.

Usage Instructions

For details about the usage instructions of EVS disk backups, see Managing EVS Backup or the Volume Backup Service User Guide.