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Managing EVS Backup


You can back up the EVS disk data using the VBS service. For details, see Creating a VBS Backup in the Volume Backup Service User Guide.

This topic describes how to configure a backup policy for a disk. With backup policies configured, data on EVS disks can be periodically backed up to improve data security.

Configuring a Backup Policy

  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner and select the desired region and project.
  3. Under Storage, click Elastic Volume Service.

    The disk list page is displayed.

  4. In the EVS disk list, locate the EVS disk whose data needs to be backed up and choose More > Configure Backup Policy in the Operation column.

    The Configure Backup Policy dialog box is displayed.

  5. In the backup policy list, click Associate to select the target backup policy.


    If the EVS disk has been associated with a backup policy, you need to disassociate the disk with its backup policy and then associate it with the new policy. For details, see Data Backup Using a Backup Policy in the Volume Backup Service User Guide.

  6. (Optional) To create a new backup policy, click Edit Backup Policy.

    The Volume Backup Service page is displayed.

    For details about how to create a backup policy, see Data Backup Using a Backup Policy in the Volume Backup Service User Guide.

  7. In the displayed Associate Backup Policy dialog box, click Yes.

    After the association is complete, the system automatically backs up the data on the EVS disk according to the backup policy.