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Product Advantages

ELB has the following advantages:
  • High Performance

    ELB can process up to 100 million concurrent connections, meeting the requirement to handle a large number of access requests.

  • High Availability

    ELB is deployed in cluster mode and provides fault tolerance for your applications by automatically balancing traffic across multiple AZs.

  • Flexible Expansion

    Incoming traffic is intelligently distributed to backend servers. ELB can work with Auto Scaling (AS) to flexibly expand the service capabilities of your applications.

  • Easy to Use

    Load balancers and related resources can be quickly configured, and diverse protocols and algorithms are available, improving the traffic distribution efficiency in different scenarios.

  • High Reliability

    Both public and private network load balancers support cross-AZ load balancing. The consistent hashing algorithm makes traffic distribution more balanced.

  • Easy O&M

    Cloud Eye is used to monitor the performance of load balancers and listeners, facilitating service statistics collection.