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Installing the GRID Driver

  1. Obtain the driver installation package required for an OS. For details, see Table 1.
    Download path: http://www.nvidia.com/grid-eval
    Table 1 vGPU/GRID driver versions supported by GPU-accelerated ECSs

    ECS Type

    Driver Version


    vGPU 4.1: GRID for UVP

  2. Check whether NVIDIA is used for the first time.
    1. If yes, go to step 3.
    2. If no, go to step 5.
  3. Obtain the Product Activation Key (PAK) from the email indicating successful registration with NVIDIA.
    Figure 1 PAK
  4. Enter the PAK obtained in step 3 on the Redeem Product Activation Keys page and click Redeem.
    Figure 2 Redeem Product Activation Keys
  5. Specify Username and Password and click LOGIN.
    Figure 3 Logging in to the official NVIDIA website
  6. Log in at the official NVIDIA website as prompted and choose Software & Services > Product Information.
    Figure 4 Selecting Product Information
  7. Click the Archived Versions tab.
  8. Download the NVIDIA vGPU driver of the required version. For details, see Table 1.
  9. Decompress the vGPU driver installation package and install the driver that matches your ECS OS.