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Changing an ECS Name


The name of a created ECS can be changed to meet your service requirements.

Multiple ECS names can be changed in a batch. After the change, the ECS names are the same.


  1. Log in to management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner and select the desired region and project.
  3. Under Computing, click Elastic Cloud Server.
  4. Click the name of the target ECS.
  5. On the page providing details about the ECS, click following the ECS name. Then, change the name as prompted.
    Allow duplicate ECS names: allows ECS names to be duplicate. If  Allow duplicate ECS names is not selected and the target name is the same as an existing ECS name, the system displays a message indicating that the name has been used and you need to change another name.

    You can change the names of multiple ECSs in a batch. To do so, perform the following operations:

    1. Select the target ECSs.
    2. Click More in the upper part of the ECS list and select Change ECS Name from the drop-down list.
    3. Enter the new name.
    4. Click OK.

      After the change, the names of these ECSs are the same.

  6. Click OK.