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Login Using an MSTSC Password

This section describes how to use the remote login tool MSTSC to log in to a Windows ECS from a local computer.


  • You have configured the inbound rules of the security group. For details, see section Configuring Security Group Rules.
  • The network connection between the login tool and the target ECS is normal. For example, the default port 3389 is not blocked by the firewall.


Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is disabled on Windows ECSs by default. Before using MSTSC to log in to a Windows ECS for the first time, use VNC to log in to it and enable RDP.

  1. Check whether RDP is enabled on the Windows ECS.

    1. Log in to the Windows ECS using VNC.

      For details, see section Login Using VNC.

    2. Click Start in the task bar and choose Control Panel > System and Security > System > Remote settings.

      The System Properties dialog box is displayed.

      Figure 1 System Properties
    3. Click the Remote tab and select Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure).
    4. Click OK.

  2. On your local computer, use MSTSC to log in to the Windows ECS.

    1. Click Start in the task bar.
    2. In the Search programs and files box, enter mstsc.
    3. Log in to the ECS according to the prompts.

      To ensure system security, change the login password after you log in to the ECS for the first time.

  3. (Optional) After logging in to the ECS using RDP, handle the issue that local files larger than 2 GB cannot be copied to a remote Windows ECS.

    Perform this step only when you need to use RDP clipboard. This issue occurs due to Windows OS limitations. For details about the handling method, see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2258090/copying-files-larger-than-2-gb-over-a-remote-desktop-services-or-terminal-services-session-by-using-clipboard-redirection-copy-and-paste-fails-silently.