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Restoring a Snapshot


This section describes how to restore a snapshot when you want to check point-in-time snapshot data of the cluster. To ensure that the services of the cluster for which you want to restore the snapshot are uninterrupted, DWS creates a new cluster with the same flavor and node quantity as the original cluster by default and imports the snapshot data.


  • The number of nodes in the cluster for which you want to restore snapshots must be less than or equal to the user's remaining node quota.
  • The status of the snapshot is Available.

Restoring a Snapshot to a New Cluster

  1. Log in to the DWS management console.
  2. In the navigation tree on the left, click Snapshot Management.

    All snapshots are displayed by default.

  3. In the Operation column of the snapshot that you want to restore, click Restore.
  4. Configuring parameters for the new cluster.

    You can only configure the following parameters. Retain values of other parameters. For details, see Creating a Cluster.

    • Region
    • AZ
    • Cluster Name
    • Database Port
    • VPC
    • Subnet
    • Security Group
    • EIP
    • Advanced Settings

      When Custom is selected, set the following parameters:

      • Parameter Group
      • Tag
      • Automated Snapshot

        When Automated Snapshot is enabled, set the following parameters:

        • Retention Days
        • Start Time
        • Execution Period

  5. Click Restore Now.
  6. Click Submit to restore the snapshot to the new cluster.


    If the number of applied nodes, vCPU (cores), or memory (GB) exceed the user's remaining quota, a warning dialog box is displayed indicating insufficient quota and displaying the detailed remaining quota and the current quota application information. In this case, you can click Increase quota in the warning dialog box to submit a work order and apply for higher node quota.

    For details about quota, see What Is User Quota?.

    When the status of the new cluster changes to Available, the snapshot is restored.

    After the snapshot is restored, the private network address and EIP (if EIP is set to Automatically assign) are automatically assigned.