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DWS Overview

Data Warehouse Service (DWS) is an online data processing database that uses the public cloud infrastructure and platform to help you mine and analyze massive volumes of data.


DWS database kernel uses GAUSS200 OLAP, which is a self-developed database kernel engine based on PostgreSQL 9.2.4. This database kernel engine facilitates transformation from a single OLTP database to an enterprise-class massively parallel processing-based (MPP-based) OLAP distributed database of DWS.

Compared with conventional data warehouses, DWS excels in hyper-scale data processing and general platform management and delivers the following benefits:

  • With its MPP-based architecture and row-based and column-based storage, DWS is capable of processing massive volumes of data.
  • Its optimized query model makes complex query operations easier than ever.
  • DWS makes full use of computing resources with its distributed and parallel computing modes.
  • With complete monitoring and management capabilities and a proficient and efficient service management platform, DWS enables you to quickly create a data warehouse cluster, launch your service, and reduce your O&M workload so that you can spend more time and money on your service and application development.